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Lakshwin Muruga

Community Development Leader


Operations Manager

a group of inspired and enthusiastic individuals who come together to craft an experience whilst reaching out


Arwin Muruga


Neinna Faudzi

Public Relations

A 4x4 enthusiast for the past 7 years and working with disadvantaged communities has brought me to initiate a social enterprise in Truckin'Tough. I started off Truckin'Tough as an excursion organizer and slowly transited towards community development.  

Spending a day clearing trees, crossing rivers and getting stuck in mud pools was getting boring and unpurposeful. Spending a day doing all of that and arriving at a remote village providing aid and assistance however, seemed the complete opposite.

Arwin holds an MBA from the University of East London (UK) and has spent 8 years in the HR Industry. He designs and facilitates experiential training programs for corporate organisations and holds a strong reputation for designing 'out of classroom' programs which are extremely fun and engaging.