About Truckin'Tough

Step 3:

Community Driven Development (CDD)


i)Locating the community (paving the way)

ii)Needs Assessment (primary data collection via interviews and dialogue sessions with community members

iii) Providing a complete Off Road 4WD Experience


To deliver the exact aid needed based on "THE RECCE" findings. Aid usually includes basic supplies such as

Water/Power/Food Provisions/Shelter/Medication/ Sanitation

Truckin'Tough was established in 2012 for the sole purpose of providing a 4x4 Experience into the jungle with a set of adventurous agenda.

Very organically this concept of "A 4x4 Experience in the Jungle" creeped into the corporate arena & the team coined a unique "team building" experience.

Today, Truckin'Tough partners with members of the public and corporate organizations across Malaysia, reaching out to indigenous communities in rural parts of Malaysia in providing aid and humanitarian assistance. 

We focus on rural communities who are inaccessible to aid and provisions and only accessible with specially equipped 4x4 vehicles. 


Championing a long term development plan in adopting communities in bringing about substantial development changes. 

"CDD is an economic development model which shifts overreliance on central governments to local communities."

Connecting You to Disadvantaged Communities

Step 2:

"AID to R.I.C." 

(R.I.C.: Rural Indigenous Communities)

Step 1:


The 3 Step Approach